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About Scott

When Scott was a young ballet dancer he came to understand the vast difference between being a technician and being an artist. As a youngster he considered technique of utmost importance. Most of his effort was spent trying to understand what the limitations were and where the boundaries lie.

But at some point the rules and technique fell away, and all that was left was a sense of freedom. It seems as though the technique had provided a foundation, but when it began to limit his expression and experience of the movement, it was left behind.

He began to see that becoming a technician is only the first step in the journey; and that in order to graduate to a richer and deeper level of practice, one must go beyond their conditioning. As a snake sheds its skin, all technicians must let go of the rules that bind them. In this light, freedom is true expression, and true expression is the result of having dissolved all limitations.

In a similar way, when Scott began studying Chinese medicine he yearned to know all the rules and concepts. He wanted to know what the limitations were and where the boundaries lie. But as he began practicing the medicine he was unmistakably reminded that being a technician isn’t enough. He then began getting his head out of the way and letting his heart lead him. The technician once again died and the artist was reborn.

Scott considers Chinese medicine an indispensible art. It allows for sincere expression and it helps patients to regain their harmony and health. It enriches all who are touched by it. He tries to practice the medicine in a purely authentic and wholehearted manner. His aim is to see where each patient is, right then and there, and to play his part in helping them to feel great again.

When asked what makes a practitioner a good one, Scott will readily reply that being a good practitioner is to be of sincere service to each patient. He feels that being a practitioner is an art and a deep honor.



Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. Bastyr is nestled in the middle of a heavily wooded state park where Scott spent a good deal of time climbing trees and studying in their heavy boughs. The school is home to an absolutely magnificent garden where countless herbs, fruits and vegetables grow wonderfully. Out of all the wonderful things Scott learned at Bastyr, it was the kindness, authenticity and awe-inspiring speeches given by its president, Dr. Daniel Church, that Scott treasures most. Dr. Church is a man who inspires and radiates unmistakable goodness. When you hear him walking down the hall you feel lifted just in knowing that his smiling face is headed your way. Scott considers Dr. Church to be one of his true teachers and to this day aspires to grow into a man of such quality.


Scott earned his Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. He was fortunate enough to have had many kind and generous teachers while at NCNM. He often says that the wealth of any school can be measured in the hearts of its teachers, and NCNM abounds with heart. The school is quite unique since it is a Classical Chinese Medicine program (as opposed to a TCM school). The Classical way of viewing the medicine is more akin to the medicine’s ancient roots. The program added an entire extra year to ensure that its students were well immersed in the depth, richness and beauty of this ancient medicine. The medicine was framed as an art and a science, instead of merely one or the other. The school produces students who are both scholars and artists; which could be said to be both yin and yang.